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Bandai Namco Shares Early SoulCalibur 6 Concept Artwork & Designs for Xianghua and Maxi


Bandai Namco has shared a variety of new SoulCalibur 6 character concept artwork and early designs via Twitter over the past year, commemorating characters' canon birthdays and other notable dates. The two most recent birthdays to celebrate are Maxi's and Xianghua's... so leisurely scroll down to check out some stunning early concept designs and awesome 2D illustrations from HIROAKI Hashimoto and other Bandai Namco artists (if anyone knows the name of the Xianghua concept artist, please DM me on social media) — with new commentary from the design team! Click any of the images to open the full-size version in a new window.

This is the concept art for Xianghua, which is a crossover of elements from SC1 and SC2 costumes. The motifs of "lotus" and "water" are combined to create a cool and refreshing image. The Chinese style bolero is a feature of SC6.


In the rough draft stage, we explored various designs based on costumes from past works. I looked for places to attach the long ribbon so that it would look good with Xianghua's flowing movements.


This is the concept art for Maxi. It was designed by @SUPER_HIROAKI. While following the motifs of his past works, the image is fresh and stylish. His policy is to wear a suit made in the oriental style directly on his tight body.


The official @SoulCalibur Twitter profile also re-shared the original official character illustrations by Takuji Kawano — adding new commentary alongside the artworks that describe the intricately designed backgrounds of each one! Their inspirations are quite interesting. Here are the two most recent examples of those posts, below.


Beautiful artwork by Bandai Namco and the SoulCalibur team / Project Soul, as usual. Also, I saved the best for last. . . Check out a brand new SCVI Maxi "Happy B-Day" illustration by
@SUPER_HIROAKI posted today!

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 Sources:  SoulCalibur (Twitter)@SUPER_HIROAKI      

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