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KOF: All-Star x DOA6 Character Gameplay Trailers


Four girls from Dead or Alive 6 are joining Netmarble's mobile beat-em-up The King of Fighters: All-Star tomorrow, July 29th. Netmarble shared gameplay trailers for Kasumi, Marie Rose, Honoka, and Nyotengu, showing off what the DOA heroines can do in the game. Each character trailer is just under 1 minute long. The DOA fighters join the ridiculously long list of crossovers KOF: All-Star now contains, including TEKKEN (2019), WWE (2020), Samurai Shodown (2019), Seven Knights (2020), Gintama (2020), and The Seven Deadly Sins (2021).


*Stay tuned for high-res character artwork from this crossover!


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