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Marie Rose
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Marie Rose is an 18 year-old Swedish girl with a childlike personality. She dresses in the Gothic Lolita fashion by default. She is the shortest character in the DOA series, standing at 4'10". She has a friendly relationship with Helena, as one of her servants. Marie Rose originally debuted in the arcade version of Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate and was released on consoles as DLC on March 25th & 26th, 2014.
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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate



DOA5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6



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Page Updated:  July 15th, 2021

I was a day one Lili main when Tekken 5: DR came out at arcades. Why? Because of Lili's uniquely fluid animations and cool combo style, of course. Only for those reasons reason, I swear! It's about the gameplay... no winky face this time.

Marie seems to take visual inspiration from Misa of Death Note... and yes, Miss Rocheforte herself. Fair enuff! Marie's Gothic Lolita outfit looks cool, along with some of her other stylish outfits. Marie's got style, I'll give her that! She's got a pretty deep moveset, too... another area where she takes quite a lot of inspiration from Lili. Yeah, there's no doubt Marie is a 100% Lili fangirl. To her credit, Marie actually has cool moves and some of the most entertaining animations & mannerisms in the DOA series. I'm not a fan of most DOA girls, but Marie is not "most" DOA girls. ;) Some of her moves could have better impact... but overall, her moveset is one of the most compelling and charismatic of the series.

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