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KOF 15 Team Orochi Storyline Details Revealed


SNK has revealed storyline details for one of the teams that old school KOF fans are most excited to see return in The King of Fighters XV, "Team Orochi". Formerly known as the "New Face Team," Shermie, Chris, and Yashiro Nanakase were presumed dead following the events of KOF '97. The text-based story presented by SNK on the official KOF XV website may leave fans with more questions than answers, however. The bizarre storyline describes a "torrent of hands" bringing the CYS band members from "endless darkness" into modern times and back into their normal routines. It's ambiguous to say the least, but it appears either Shun'ei or Isla could be responsible for reversing time or prior events that occurred during the Orochi saga. In any case, you can attempt to understand the official Team Orochi storyline in the tweet by SNK (below) or simply by clicking here.

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