Hailing from South America, Isla is a rival to Shun'ei. In The King of Fighters XV, she joins Dolores and Heidern to form "Team Rival". Her official nickname is "Dreaming Brilliance". Isla is an up-and-coming young graffiti artist whose works are a hit with the youth in South America, and even abroad via social media. She also carries cans of spray paint with her and uses them as weapons.

Isla shares the same "phantom hands" powers as Shun'ei. Although Isla fights using the mysterious power of her hands, her "hands" seemingly have a mind of their own, and go by the name Amanda. Her connection with Verse is currently unknown.


The King of Fighters XV






Page Updated:  Nov. 4th, 2021

I didn't think I'd like her design at first glance, but... JET SET RADIO x Splatoon!? ^o^ I guess she left her roller blades at home though. Isla is a "busy" character design if I've ever seen one, but something about her mismatched socks and color scheme pops in a good way.

I wasn't much a fan of Shun'ei's "phantom hands" gimmick or fighting style, although his moveset was pretty original / interesting for the KOF series. I think Isla might be an interesting character in KOF XV. Some of her kicks and normals look pretty stylish. Overall, I'm liking her design so far. Not bad for the first newcomer of KOF XV.

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