Friday, October 1st, 2021 

KOF 15 Day One Combos / Gameplay Roundup


Tokyo Game Show 2021 is upon us, and some lucky members of the fighting game community have gotten a chance to try out the first playable build of The King of Fighters XV. Here's a roundup of DAY 1 combo videos, match footage, and more from the community. The first video (below) is a replay of the exhibition tournament from SNK's special presentation featuring pro KOF players, including Koichi, Dune, K2, and Laggia (video has since been removed). The second video is 15 minutes of gameplay via IGN. In addition to showing off KOF XV's gameplay cinematics and combos, the other early videos also provide the first look at many characters' alternate colors.


If you are lucky enough to be playing the game at TGS '21, here's a convenient link to character movelists for all 8 playable fighters featured in the demo. Stay tuned on The Fighters Generation for more KOF XV news and content.
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 Sources:  IGN, Pak Warriors ChannelGamestuffThiago Shiranuiyuhki nishikawaguchi          

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