Mega Man

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Mega Man (or Rockman in Japan) came into existence due to the following timeline of events. In the fictional and futuristic year of the 200X master designer Dr. Thomas Light (Dr. Right in Japan) worked to create a humanoid robot. This robot would demonstrate an advanced artificial intelligence program that would allow it to make decisions based on vague commands and directions. He called the robot project "Robot Master", because the resulting robot would be able to supervise the work of other, less intelligent machines.

Before Dr. Light ever constructed what would eventually become Mega Man, he first designed the Robot Master known as "Proto Man" ("Blues" in Japan) which similar to his name was designed as a prototype of his future creations. Proto Man had the ability to lead a small squad of other robots in military applications. However, before testing of his AI, or his complete system was finished, the robot escaped and was thought to have been destroyed.

Because of the disappearance of Proto Man, Light decided to create another robot. Dr. Light, fearing that the disappearance of Proto Man was due to the fact that he didn't have a peer, he created two other robots at around the same time to work as a pair. These robots were called "Rock" and "Roll". Rock was created as Dr. Light's lab assistant. His purpose was a general-purpose tool user. Simply by studying how a tool was used, he could mimic its use using a Variable Tool System, thus making him the ideal lab assistant. His "sister" (though not actually a sister, but a robot partner), Roll Caskett, was designed for housekeeping.

With the success of these two test-type robots, Light designed and built six production-type robots, mainly to be used in the construction and maintenance of public works. These robots were Cut Man, a timber felling robot; Guts Man, a construction and excavation robot; Ice Man, a robot designed for exploration in extreme freezing temperatures; Bomb Man, a land reclamation robot; Fire Man, designed for waste management; and Elec Man, designed to oversee and control atomic energy power plants. The enhanced remake Mega Man Powered Up has also retconned Time Man - designed to research time travel with his ability to slow down time - and Oil Man - designed for maintenance by generating oil for machinery and firing it through his arm cannon - into existence. Each of these robots had full use of the Robot Master's intelligence and reasoning potential. However, little did Dr. Light know that all of these robots including the missing Proto man would later serve as the key to unlocking Rock's destiny.

The time finally came for Dr. Light to be recognized by the world for his brilliant contributions to science. Dr. Albert W. Wily, a colleague at that time and future rival, grew jealous when his unique research, which he studied with Dr. Light, was utterly overshadowed by his partner. He stumbled upon Proto Man one day, who was dying when his energy system was malfunctioning. He repaired him, using his specifications to create the police robot, Sniper Joe. He discovered while analyzing Proto Man that he had found a way to reprogram Light's robots. He decided that he could use these new robots to exact revenge. When Dr. Wily arrived at near Dr. Light's laboratory soon after announcing his plans for world domination, he failed to realize Rock and Roll's potential, so he went to the lab without them, claiming that helper robots are as good as scrap metal to him. He took and reprogrammed the six (eight in Mega Man Powered Up) construction robots so they became misled and forced under his rule. With his new followers, Wily seized control of the city and demanded recognition. This string of events, set in motion, what would later become the purpose for Mega Man's existence.

Realizing that it would be very difficult for the armies to stop Wily without harming the city, Dr. Light knew something had to be done. Due to his programmed sense of right and wrong, Rock volunteered to be converted from his current state as a lab assistant into a fighting robot. Thus, from that day forth, he became known as "Rockman" (Mega Man in the U.S.).

From that day forward Mega Man volunteered himself for action against crime and serving to support and protect mankind's existence and coexistence with robots within society. Mega Man along with help from his friends, thwarted the evil plans of Dr. Wily and other such villains numerous times, while saving lives and inspiring justice in the hearts of others. In Mega Man II, due to an accident with a duplicator, he became a living machine, (i.e. he was a living thing with a mechanical body. and he developed similar to that of a normal boy, experiencing human emotions, psychological growth, and other such human characteristics, while searching for a true nature of his own.). Throughout his many adventures, Mega Man has encountered several enemies that have appeared to be too powerful for him to overcome on his own, yet in typical heroic fashion Mega Man's pure intentions and strong will tend to be the determining factor in his steadfast battle for everlasting peace. Zero is Mega Man X's best friend and partner. Another version of Mega Man (Bad Box Art Mega Man), based on the original 1987 North American box art, appears as a bonus playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken.
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Marvel Vs. Capcom

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Namco X Capcom, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

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Page Updated:  May 11th, 2024

In 1998, who would've thought Mega Man from Capcom's famous sidescroller, would be trading blows with the likes of Ryu, Spider-Man, and Gatchaman? Megaman's original fighting game debut in MVC1 was pretty damn epic, as he retained his original look and presented a fighting style that felt very familiar to his classic 2D side-scrolling games.

Megaman Volnutt appearing in Tatsunoko  VS Capcom was pretty cool, but at the end of the day, I still prefer "old school" original Mega Man. Not only appearance-wise, but also his fighting style! Mega Man is not only known for a long series of games, but also a unique art style (more than one actually). Much respect to this Capcom classic! In closing, Capcom.... why was Megaman not in MVC3? Seriously? :(

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