Thursday, September 12th, 2019

SNK Shows Off New Tokyo Game Show 2019 Swag


The Tokyo Game Show 2019 is officially underway this weekend! While we're all anticipating the latest gaming news, trailers and announcements, SNK kicked off their corner of TGS '19 by showing off some fresh new merch on their official site / online store (link below). Some of SNK's exclusive TGS '19 items include: A variety of jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, art prints, acrylic stands, stickers/stamps, pins, buttons, and seriously cute chibi plushies of Terry Bogard, Mars People, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Scroll down to check out the official promo images of SNK's TGS 2019 merch. These items will be on sale this weekend for TGS 2019 attendees.

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   Below is a quick translation of some of the available items and (event) prices.

SNK MERCHANDISE - TGS 2019  (Prices)

 AOF/Athena Jacket  45,300 yen
 Iori Yagami Shirt  3,800 yen
 Collaboration Hoodies  9,800 yen
 Samurai Shodown Cap  5,800 yen
 SNK Serif Stamp  900 yen
 SNK Plushies  3,000 yen
 SNK Falcoon Stickers (set of 3)  3,000 yen
 NEOGEO Canvas Cushion  3,000 yen
 Samurai Spirits PS4 Bundle/Set  9,700 yen
 Samurai Spirits Towel  400 yen 
 Kyo Towel  900 yen
 Samurai Spirits Towel  400 yen 
 Special Collab Stickers  900 yen
 KOF for Girls Trading Can Badge  300 yen
 Yuri Acrylic Stand  1,500 yen
 SNK Pin Collection  1,200 yen
 SNK Logo Shirt  2,500 yen

    Visit SNK's official online shop for more details.

    In related news, earlier this week SNK revealed details on NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro.

    Stay tuned on for more SNK / TGS 2019 news.

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