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Street Fighter 2 North American Manual Art & Bios


Street Fighter series director and designer, Takayuki Nakayama, recently shared some photos from an official North American Street Fighter II: World Warrior manual from 1992. On Twitter, Nakayama posted several pages from the "Capcom Style Guide" manual, showing rare & highly nostalgic character concept artwork, along with full written bios of the original cast (and even entertaining descriptions of their iconic special moves)! The official character bios also include high-res artwork from the North American artist behind the iconic Street Fighter II: World Warrior, Champion Edition & Turbo home version box artwork, Mick McGinty.


sf2-ryu-capcom-style-guide.jpg (386512 bytes)          sf2-chunli-capcom-style-guide.jpg (335986 bytes)          sf2-blanka-capcom-style-guide.jpg (338245 bytes)          sf2-guile-capcom-style-guide.jpg (362349 bytes)
sf2-ken-capcom-style-guide.jpg (348264 bytes)         
sf2-honda-capcom-style-guide.jpg (391469 bytes)          sf2-dhalsim-capcom-style-guide.jpg (369929 bytes)          sf2-zangief-capcom-style-guide.jpg (343401 bytes)

sf2-balrog-capcom-style-guide.jpg (272067 bytes)          sf2-vega-capcom-style-guide.jpg (299532 bytes)          sf2-sagat-capcom-style-guide.jpg (372457 bytes)          sf2-bison-capcom-style-guide.jpg (377346 bytes)

            Here are the official tweets with more images from Nakayama, below.






Mick McGinty is one of the artists appearing in TFG's Artist Profiles feature. Hit the link to read more about McGinty's work on the Street Fighter series.

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 Source: Takayuki Nakayama (Twitter)  

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