Fatal Fury 3

STORYIt has been two years since the second King Of Fighters tournament took place. Now Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai and Geese are back in South Town to battle five new characters and three bosses. All of them have their own reasons of coming to South Town, but in the end, everything links to a scroll that reveals the secret to the lost ancient martial arts.


Fatal Fury 3 character selection screen.

Fatal Fury 3 was a pretty big improvement over its predecessors, introducing brand new re-drawn character sprites (yet again) and better overall animation quality. Of course, a handful of colorful new characters join the roster, in addition to some new 2D environments.


"Jaguar Kick!" Ohh wait... Joe's version has a different name.


The two-plane gameplay was upgraded to a three plane format known as the Oversway System. Players fight primarily in the middle plane or the main plane, but can move or "oversway" into either of the sway lines at the background or foreground . Attacks between planes have returned but are now called "Oversway Attacks" and players can use special technique to defend these attacks. Other new gameplay elements introduced include air blocking, combination arts, new special & super moves, and even alternate (more powerful) super moves which can only be used once per round.


Wow, Blue Mary really looks like Android 18 in that shot.


Along with a cool looking world map, Fatal Fury 3 also features a ranking system when fighting against the computer, which brought some innovation to the fighting genre. When the player wins a round, they'll be ranked from D to triple S. The final opponents the player faces at the end of the single player mode is determined the by the player's average... with a lower score, the game will end against Yamazaki, but with a higher score they will square off against one of the Jin twins, or possibly both. Overall, Fatal Fury 3 was easily the best presentation of the series to date.



Page Updated: September 28th, 2021
Developer(s): SNK
Publisher(s): SNK
Artwork By: Shinkiro   Promotional Art
Platform(s): Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Sega Saturn, Windows 95
Release Date(s): Mar. 27th, 1995       Arcade
Apr. 28th, 1995
        NeoGeo CD
Characters Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui, Franco Bash, Blue Mary, Sokaku Michizuki, Bob Wilson, Hon Fu, Ryuji Yamazaki, Jin Chonrei, Jin Chonshu, Geese Howard

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Gameplay Engine

 7.0 / 10

Story / Theme

 7.0 / 10

Overall Graphics

 7.0 / 10


 6.5 / 10

Music / Sound Effects

 6.5 / 10


 7.5 / 10

Art Direction

 7.0 / 10


 6.0 / 10

Options / Extras

 6.0 / 10

Intro / Presentation

 8.0 / 10

Replayability / Fun

 5.0 / 10

"Ouch" Factor

 5.5 / 10


 6.0 / 10


 7.2 / 10

 Review based on Arcade version    


Final Words: The Fatal Fury series had seen it's best installment yet, but in my opinion, fell short on gameplay innovations (and fun) when compared to the top 2D (and 3D) fighters of the time. The series and the characters still had much developing to do, but Fatal Fury 3 was likely to please returning fans of the series.
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