M. Bison (1P/2P) and Mario & Luigi

In Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, M. Bison received his first ever alternate color... GREEN. M. Bison's original alt. isn't only for... Irish Pride. lol. Capcom just might've included a little homage to the iconic Mario Bros... Intentionial? You be the judge. Hey, maybe that's what the "M" in M. Bison actually stands for is Mario Bison.


Astroboy & Mega Man

It's no secret that Capcom's Mega Man was originally inspired by Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, an iconic manga series first appearing in Shōnen in 1952. The two would inevitably meet in Capcom x Osamu Tezuka art exhibit crossover.


Guile & Rudol Von Stroheim


You can probably think of several of fighting game characters who take inspiration from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series... but Guile was one of the very first (if not the first). Clearly, it's all about the hair (as usual). Ironically enough, Stroheim is high-ranking Nazi officer... while Guile is a Commander in the U.S.A. Air Force.


Birdie (Street Fighter) and Bebop

Bebop is a reoccurring villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Birdie is a reoccurring villain in the Street Fighter series (but actually a good guy, deep down). Maybe they're both actually good guys, just misunderstood. Either way, check out how similar "fat" SFV Birdie looks next to Bebop! The swanky mohawk, beard, big belly, and punk rock clothing style works well on both villains. Was Capcom slightly inspired by Bebops look when they created the SFV design for Birdie? Possible.


Lau Chan & Tao Pai Pai
(Submitted by Carlos Hidalgo)


There are quite a few Dragonball Z character inspirations found in the fighting game universe. Not much has to be said about Lau Chan's resemblance to Tao Pai Pai... Basic Kung-Fu attire, check. Long Kung-Fu braid, check. Kung-Fu mustache, check. Mad Kung-Fu skills? Depends on the player.


Jak & Cammy (SFV Alt. Costume)

I knew there was a reason that I immediately liked Cammy's first ever Street Fighter V alternate costume when I first saw it... although it gave me a strange sense of deja vu. Jak (from Jak & Daxter series) donned a similar fashion statement back in 2003. Thanks for the "PS2 days" nostalgia, Cammy. 


Erron Black & McGree
(Submitted by Carlos Hidalgo)

Sometimes when video game designers try really really hard to make a certain character archetype "look cool"... oftentimes, they come up with very similar results. I knew Erron Black from Mortal Kombat X resembled some characters I've seen before, but McGree from Overwatch might be his closest match. They're basically the same exact design.

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