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When Birdie was a pro wrestler, he occasionally teamed up with rival Titanic Tim (from Saturday Night Slam Masters) as the "500 Million Trillion Powers." He turned to a life of crime when his wrestling career ended, doing some street fighting on the side to add to his income, as well as nightclub bouncing. His notoriety got him invited to the first World Warrior tournament. He was suffering from a particularly nasty strain of flu, however, and lost his fight with Ryu.

Despite this setback, Birdie rose up the criminal ranks. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, he became aware of an organization called Shadaloo and, tracking down their leader, M. Bison, demonstrated his fighting skills to join them. However, Bison only wanted a test subject, and used Birdie to perform painful and demeaning experiments. Birdie resolved to get even.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Birdie sneaks into a Shadaloo data room and learns about the Psycho Drive machine, not aware that M. Bison is watching him. Thinking he can use it to overthrow Bison and become lord of Shadaloo himself, he set out to find it. Bison sends Balrog to kill Birdie, but instead, Birdie convinces Balrog to help him by telling him how the Psycho Drive could make them powerful. Hindered by Balrog's incompetence, however, Birdie couldn't find the Drive before it exploded.

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Page Updated:  Sep. 15th, 2023

A dude that fights on streets... I can respect that! Birdie's original SF1 appearance wasn't anything special, but after Capcom reinvented him in the Alpha series, Birdie was bigger, cooler, and became a truly memorable Street Fighter. Not every fighting game character should be a martial arts expert, and as a hulkin' brawler / street punk, Birdie adds diversity to the roster. Birdie was the first character to ever use "jump into throw" tech... such a great move! Birdie was never a particularly "popular" SF character, but I always liked him as a design since Alpha. Birdie has always been underrated, which is why I was ECSTATIC to see him return in SFV.

I love everything about his "washed up" redesign in SFV. Love the beer belly. Love the new moves & animations... I love his SFV play-style. Oddly enough, SFV Birdie resembles one of my favorite characters from the Samurai Shodown series, Earthquake, both in terms of looks and play-style. SFV Birdie almost has more in common with Earthquake than SFA3 Birdie! lol. Awesome character evolution.

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