A.K.I. is F.A.N.G's student and is known as "the maniacal mistress of poison". She is the 19th character to join Street Fighter 6's roster, becoming playable September 27th, 2023. She sets out to investigate the remnants of Shadaloo, encountering Chun-Li and JP along the way. Feeding off orders from her master, she injects poison into enemies that dare stand within striking distance all with a smile. An expert of stealth, she sneaks into JP's residence and dismantles his security forces without him noticing, only to threaten his life. FUN FACT: Her name means Autumn in Japanese.


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Page Updated:  Mar. 2nd, 2024

As a fan of character designs like Kurow, Lin, and Duo Lon... a creepy kung-fu "poison" fighter like A.K.I. is immediately likeable to me. Her design is straight up flashy, pleasantly ornate, and exaggerated in all the right places. SF6 already has refreshing newcomers, and A.K.I. is yet another SF6 newcomer that Capcom simply hit out of the park. Not only is she visually striking... but her animations, moveset, combo style, and in-game mannerisms are gorgeous. I completed her combo trials on day 1 and immediately became a fan. Juri will have to hit the bench for a bit. S

A.K.I. also reminds me a bit of one of my beloved SoulCalibur mains, Ivy. Mostly due to her color scheme, long-reaching attacks, and badass style. A.K.I. is easily one of the best new female Street Fighter characters in quite a while! THIS is how you do a new fighting game character. She is magnificent! 

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