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In the heart of a bustling city, Viola quietly plied her trade. She wouldn't stay there long—she didn't stay anywhere long; fortune-telling can be a dangerous occupation when you actually tell the truth. By peering into her crystal ball, Viola could see deep within a person's soul. But of herself, she knew nothing at all. "Why am I here? What is my purpose?"

The harsh truths of Viola's predictions always led to hatred and resentment, so she lived as a nomad, traveling from one city to the next. She refused to follow custom and simply tell her patrons what she knew they wanted to hear. Her own memories were so barren that she couldn't empathize with other people—they didn't even feel real to her. The one exception was Z.W.E.I. They were kindred spirits, he said, both of them blessed and burdened with inhuman powers that forced them to journey through life alone. As traveling companions, they made for an odd pair: a werewolf and a fortune-teller, both with pasts shrouded in mystery. Their journey would continue for some time, until Viola's lost memories returned. In Soul Calibur VI, it is revealed that Viola's true identity is Amy Sorel.
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Soul Calibur 5

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Page Updated:  June 7th, 2019

If you're a fighting game buff, Viola should immediately make you think of Samurai Shodown's Amakusa. While I'm slightly disappointed to see Soul Calibur taking a bigger step in the fantasy direction, I have to admit Viola is a pretty cool character. In a way, her visual design looks it could've been made in SC3's or SC4's Create-a-character Mode, but otherwise, she's got a cool look. Her fighting style involving her magical orb and claw is very fleshed out and awesome to watch in motion. She can definitely be annoying to fight against note.

The fact that Viola turned out to be Amy was a pretty cool story element (revealed later in SC6). Her "amnesia" storyline was one of the better story elements of the series in recent times. Fun Fact: When Raphael fights Viola in SC5, his introduction and winning dialogue is different... a major clue that she was Amy all along.

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