An orphan brought to Dalkia by the Halteese Royal Family, Luna lived without any relative or close friend, and learned that only the strong can survive. So she trained hard to become the strongest officer of Dalkia, and eventually is given the honor of lead an Elite unit, the "Klessirpemdo".

She was assigned to follow Areon in a counterattack against Grandall, and here she confronted the Cadet for the first time. Being defeated, she retreated and prepared the barricades at the capital's border alongside her unit, but its once again defeated, though she's saved from being captured thanks to Halteese' intromision.

At Aurelia's order, she and her unit team comes to help Maletta's forces against the Cadet, where she tries one more time to overcome his rival, without success. Now returned to protect Dalkia from Abelia's unit, she's successful in fending off the enemy until the Cadet's return. In their last battle, Luna tried to overcome the Cadet using the legendary Soul Calibur, but even with the sacred sword she can't defeat the Cadet and is finally defeated and captured.

Although being a prisoner of war, Girardot make sure neither she nor her unit suffer any harm during their captivity, and also instructed her to, if something happened to him, she's to find his student and give him/her Soul Calibur. She followed Girardot's request, and once the team reaches Parousia she joined them and handed the Cadet the sacred sword to battle Strife.


Soul Calibur 3




Page Updated:  July 16th, 2019

ANIME GIRL.... Luna is one of the first heavy signs that ANIMEEEE was entering the Soul Calibur series. In retrospect, Luna might be one of the most boring Soul Calibur characters of all time. She's cute... but she doesn't have much going for her in the originality department.

Luna just comes off as a generic pink-haired anime chick with pink hair... just because... Pink. Hair. Even as a "bonus character" she just doesn't offer much to the series is any way and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the cast either. Her exclusive moveset wasn't completely terrible... but lacked originality compared to most others. Also, I'm pretty sure you could create a cooler looking character than her in SC3's Creation Mode.

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