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Strife is the only heir of the Astlar dynasty ruling the empire of Grandall. After his father's death during a battle, he's appointed as the heir of the reign when he was only ten years old. Blinded by greed and power, his close relatives plotted everyday to kill him and take control of Grandall for themselves. Strife endured days without a proper meal, without good sleep and hiding a knife every time. Eventually the stress and fear started eating away his sanity.

Then one day he started hearing voices every time he sat on the throne. The voices came from deep within the castle. Eventually at the time he understood those voices, his behavior changed completely. He started executing his relatives, and torturing anyone who arises his suspicions. His leadership turned into dictatorship. He also started amassing armies in silence, while not interfering with the war between Dalkia and Halteese. Around this time, he apparently got ahold of the cursed Soul Edge, which further deteriorated his mind.

During the Chronicles of the Sword, Strife takes little actions during the first half, mostly giving orders to the player and the unit to confront Dalkia first, then Halteese. His orders are always discussed by Girardot, as they are almost suicidal. Strife is also reluctant to send more troops to help the player against entire armies. All this because the player is gaining fame among the people, and this has enraged him to the point of wishing to see him/her die.

A year after the end of the war, Strife sent the player against a rebelled Girardot apparently under the advice of Chester, who has turned into his minister. After the Cadet defeats Giradot in battle, Strife appears to finish Giradot off. Unfortunately for Strife, this action causes the Cadet to realize the malevolence of the emperor and his ambitions, and causes the Cadet to rebel as well.

Unfortunately, Strife implanted fragments of Soul Edge into the player's former allies when the Cadet rebelled, somehow allowing Strife to control their minds. As the player, you must fight and defeat Aeneas and the others who helped you in the earlier chronicles. After the Cadet defeats their friends, it turns out they do not die, but instead they wake up from their trance and decide to join the Cadet once again. Apparently, whoever controls the main body of Soul Edge controls the people it's fragments are forcefully implanted in. This "mind control" power that Soul Edge possesses has never been revealed prior to Soul Calibur III.


Soul Calibur III




Page Updated:  June 18th, 2019

Look at this dude's face... Strife is the definition of "smug". ^-^ Since he can actually lift that sword and swing it around, it seems he can back it up, too. Yeah, Strife has laughably girly hair, making him a somewhat interesting and unorthodox take on a male knight design. I like the fact that he's not your typical "manly" knight. Unpopular opinion: I like Strife's design for that very reason. 

As a minor new character in Soul Calibur III, Strife at least looks interesting... but Namco definitely could've done a lot more with his in-game moveset / fighting style. He definitely doesn't fight as smoothly as the mainstay Soul Calibur characters - like most of the "bonus" fighting styles from SC3. Overall, Strife was a halfway entertaining "bonus" character in SC3, but sadly, he'll probably never be anything more than that. If Namco fleshed him out further, even as more of a comic relief character, I think they could've actually done something with this design.

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