Abelia Schillfelt


A soldier born in the Grandall Empire, she's a talented young girl. She's the daughter of a high-ranked officer of Grandall, and thus her skills are natural to her. She turned into a genious soldier, praised by the minor soldiers. But the Cadet's apparition shadowed her progresses. She decided to not let that interfere in her duties, and taking her sword and shield she followed into the war against Dalkia.

She accompanied the Cadet for a short period, after which she was ordered to stay and confront Dalkia while the Cadet went towards Halteese. But she doesn't fare too well against the Dalkia Elite group, "Klessirpemdo", and her unit is killed. The Cadet comes to aid her in the battle and both ends the war defeating Queen Aurelia from Dalkia.

She's assigned a new unit and a year later, she's ordered to follow the Cadet into an Anti-Rebellion force against Girardot. After defeating Girardot, she returned to her duties. She's ordered to stop the Cadet's reformed rebellion in his pass towards Grandall Capital Parousia. During their reencounter the Cadet defeats her, and she starts to questioning where her loyalty laid, with the Empire or with the people. She decides to trust him/her and joins his rebellion to confront Strife.


Soul Calibur III




Page Updated:  July 1st, 2019

Although she wields a sword & shield much like Cassandra and Sophitia, Abelia has a moveset and fighting style all her own. She's got some cool priority moves, and I especially enjoy the special move where she tackles her opponent and pounds their face in. ^o^ That was unexpected! I know she learned that from Bryan Fury. She's also got them sexy Karin Kanzaki curls. No complaints here.

As a "bonus character" in Soul Calibur 3, she's not nearly as well-rounded as the Soul Calibur veterans in terms of moveset... but she has potential (well, she had potential at least). I really like her look. She's probably one of the best and most ornate-looking female knight designs I've ever seen, apart of Charlotte. I was kinda hoping they'd bring her back in the sequels and flesh her out a bit... but they didn't (as expected). Visually, Abelia's a really cool-looking female knight design all around, thanks to the amazing art & design by Takuji Kawano.

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