Auriela Dichalha Dolce Dalkia is queen of Dalkia Kingdom. She once has a husband who was Dalkia's king, but he died in unknown circumstance, apparently related to poison. After his death, the leader of the army, Roin, seize control over Dalkia and takes Aurelia as his queen. It was more probably they were secret lovers and both planned this series of events.

Aurelia waged war against Halteese until Chester, with the use of the Brigands, set the confrontation towards Grandall. She sent her troops to attack the empire, but is soon surprised to hear that even her Elite soldier, Luna, has been defeated by a mere Cadet. Awaiting in her castle in Revless, Dalkia's capital, she confronts the Cadet and his/her soldiers, and is finally defeated.


Soul Calibur 3




Page Updated:  June 18th, 2019

A fighting queen? It's about time! In this day & age, we don't even have fighting kings. Auriela's moveset and fighting style has some elements similar to Ivy's, but it's also some unique aspects on its own. Auriela can do some pretty cool and downright vicious things with her "sickle" - as it's one of the better "bonus" weapon styles to appear in SC3. Visually, Auriela isn't a bad design. I think she even could've been fleshed out further in future Soul Calibur installments, but sadly, it seems like Namco scrapped this design. :( 

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