Kain R. Heinlein


Kain is the brother of Marie Heinlein, Rock Howard's mother and Geese Howard's late wife. Unlike his sister, Kain lived in poverty as a child, growing up in the slums. Grant, known then as Abel Cameron, was a fatherly figure to Kain and watched over him. Nineteen years before the events of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Kain witnessed the violent death of a child in the streets. After being scarred by what he saw, he decided that he had enough of the slums and declared his ambitions for power. When he was only eight years old, he entered a street fight and his strength was recognized by a wealthy kingpin name Don Papas. Adopted into the family thereafter, Kain eventually overthrew his benefactor and became the head honcho of the gang.

He later learned of the death of his sister, and the death of Geese Howard by the hands of Terry Bogard. After this event, Southtown became Second Southtown. Kain deemed the general populace jaded by mediocrity and peace. Thinking that a person truly experiences life when they're oppressed, Kain decided to take Geese's legacy and rule Second Southtown. He wanted to declare the city's independence from the US, make it a city-state, and then model the town into one that would constantly be exposed to violence which would make the inhabitants value their lives, with the strongest ruling over the weak.

Kain wanted Rock Howard to join his organization, so he created the "King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem" tournament in an effort to attract Rock and Terry. His fate after the tournament is unclear, but it is believed by some that Rock Howard joined him for a period of time. In his Garou ending, he tracks down the remaining crime bosses of Second Southtown and confronts them with Grant.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves



Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighter Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Dec. 5th, 2019

Kain turned out to be a pretty decent boss for Garou: Mark of the Wolves. It was actually pretty damn refreshing to see a fighting game boss who wasn't a monstrous beast... or some random old dude. lol. First impression: "Who's this youngin' who thinks he's tough?" Second impression: "Dammit my tokenz!" -___- Kain is a convincingly powerful, yet flamboyant evil bastard... and his moveset is awesome. He's got tons of support animations, cool attacks (with lots of wind effects), and interesting mannerisms. Of course, Kain is overpowered as an SNK boss... but he's also a fun character to use!

Kain's outfit design compliments his smooth animations and fighting style. The dude is a class act. Nuff said! Out of all the SNK bosses out there... Kain definitely deserves to make a comeback someday. 

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