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Ein / Hayate
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After being used as a test subject by the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee for Project Epsilon, Ein was left to die in the esoteric Black Forest of Germany. Even though he suffered amnesia, his deep desire to fight stayed within him. Soon afterwards, he mastered Karate in a very short period of time. He seeks answers about his past through participating in the "Dead or Alive 2 World Combat Championship."

After his appearance in Dead or Alive 2, Ein was replaced by both his true identity, Hayate, and Hitomi, a friend of Ein who shares the same martial arts style of Karate. Despite Hayate being "Ein" only for a short period of time, "Ein" has appeared as a recurring unlockable character in a variety of
DOA titles following his first appearance.

After a battle with his sister, Kasumi, Ein finally remembers his past. He is Hayate, ninja of the wind. Hayate is the 18th leader of the "Mugen Tenshin" style. He eventually learned that he was the subject of DOATEC's experimental superhuman project (Project Epsilon), which caused his memory loss. After recovering his memory, he was officially ordained as leader of the Mugen Tenshin style. Shiden is Hayate's father and Raidou is his uncle.
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Dead or Alive 2


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Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Dead or Alive 6


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Page Updated:  Oct. 28th, 2023

In DOA2, Ein was one of my mains. He's always had a fairly authentic Karate based fighting style, even though a few his attacks are kind of sloppy in terms of technique. Furthermore, Ein's fighting stance is probably one of the most awkward stances I've ever seen. Seriously, in a real fight, if a dude is swinging his arms and swaying his upper body the way Ein does... he is NOT a threat. lol. Even though his stance sucks, I think Ein's traditional Karate-style punches and strikes are solid-looking and fun to perform.

Visually, Ein's outfit looks like it's from an outdated 90's band. While I like Ein's fighting style better than Hayate, I think he generally looks better as Hayate. However, in DOA3 / DOA4, Hayate's facial rendering looks strange. He almost looks like an ugly girl or something... lol. His story isn't terrible, and it's kind of funny actually.... "Ohh yeah, I'm a ninja. Duh." lol. As Hayate, his moveset has come a long way. He's got some cool stuff for a fighting game ninja, and quite clearly, TEAM NINJA put more work into his character than some others. In DOA5U, Hayate has some cool movement abilities (perhaps inspired by Lars), making him one of the most powerful characters in the game.

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