A young boy who already carries a dark past. As the sole successor of the master of the Kato School of Ninjutsu, he carried much weight on his still small shoulders. From the time he could remember, his days and nights were filled with hours of grueling training in which the object was always to kill. Then there was the brainwashing sessions. The cold, annoying voice - the man who claimed he could brainwash him into being a top assassin. The only glimpse of a family life he's ever experienced is the brief time he spent under Yugo's care. When Yugo found him, he had lost his memory and the ability to speak. But in his days with Yugo, the boy seemed to slowly regain his humanity and show signs of a normal boy his age, until one day, the man with the voice appeared before him. The first sounds he uttered in years was a scream when he saw the man with the small slivery eyes, the large mouth with thin lips, and the long reptile-like tongue. "How've you been little boy, or should I say "Bakuryu"? I've been looking for you..."

The original, older Bakuryu took enhancements in order to make himself super-strong. The end of his story mode in original Bloody Roar reveals that he took so many drugs to increase his strength & speed that his body couldn't keep up with it, and he dies. In Bloody Roar 2 and after, Kakeru/Kenji became the new Bakuryu.

Bloody Roar 2


Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar 3: Primal Fury, Bloody Roar 4



Page Updated:  July 6th, 2019

In the first game, Bakuryu was an oddball character... but somewhat cool and original. Then in Bloody Roar 2 (and after), they totally changed up his design and basically made him a Strider Hiryu rip-off, visually... I mean damn, you're lookin' at an early Strider Hiryu wannabe if there ever was one. (Bakuryu would be proud to know he would not be the only one, many years later.) To me, he looks like a Strider Hiryu cosplayer who never lifted a weight in his life. Do you even lift, Ouro-bros ? Pffft. Props to you if you got my Ouroboros reference because you actually know Strider Hiryu exists, unlike some.

Food for thought: If this design was any good, they wouldn't have had to change his design so drastically from the first game. Moveset-wise, I wasn't too impressed with Baku... but he's got a few cool animations in BR2.

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