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Newly Confirmed TEKKEN 8 Features & Modes from the Tokyo Game Show 2023


At the Tokyo Game Show '23, Michael Murray and Katsuhiro Harada dropped a ton of new TEKKEN 8 details  regarding modes, features, and online matchmaking during the TEKKEN Talk livestream. Among the confirmed details are: Frame data at launch (free), "what if" Character Episodes / Endings for all 32 characters of the initial roster, and the return of Replay & Tips mode with new Practice Options including the ability to access any 10 seconds of your replay and practice from any point to explore new options! These innovative features are no doubt awesome additions to TEKKEN 8 and will surely hype up the community and improve the online / player experience. Read on for a summary of all the TEKKEN 8 details we learned from TGS '23... 

TGS '23 - New TEKKEN 8 Details
1. "The Darkness Awakens" Story mode.

- Longer than TEKKEN 7's Story mode.
- Takes place 6 months after the events of TEKKEN 7.
- There are 32 character "what if" episodes that players unlock while progressing through the game.

2. Arcade Quest

- Guides players by presenting the basics of battle by using practical techniques alongside their progression through the story.
- The guide will advise players to apply the skills learned in gameplay.

3. Super Ghost Battle

- You can battle against your own "ghost", a new generation AI that learns and applies elements of your fighting style, characteristics, and habits very quickly.
-You can download and battle the ghosts of other players and developers.
-Players can have one ghost data saved for each character.

4. Tekken Fight Lounge

A online player lobby with 4 main areas hosting up to 100 players:
- Battle Area
- Customization Shop
- Beach Area
- Tekken Dojo

5. Tekken Ball Mode

-The new and improved Tekken Ball Mode is playable in the Beach Area of the Tekken Fight Lounge (both online and offline play available).

6. Battle Modes in the Lounge

- 3 Battle Modes: Group, Quick and Ranked.
- Players can use "Battle" and "Spectate" options here. Players can stand in the background to spectate, view profiles of other players, and customize your own.

7. Ranked Match

- Tekken 8 Ranked Match is now First to 2.
- Infinite Rematch option from T7 has been removed.
- There are 30 ranks available instead of the 37 of Tekken 7.
- Players will not lose ranked points until yellow ranks.
- Online Practice Mode and functions while waiting in queue.
- Friends and competitors will be shown in the Dan rank gauge.
- You can access Ghost Data of your opponent after the match.

8. Replay & Tips

- Returning from Tekken 7 with new features.
- Save replays by pressing L1+R1.
- You can access 10 second segments of your replay to practice the interactions that took place without the need to recreate them yourself in Practice mode.

9. Practice Mode

- Free Frame Data feature available at launch.
- Combo challenge with audio queues to help players practice the timing.
- Punishment training options available.
- You can save sections of your combo to focus on practicing a specific section.

10. Jukebox Mode
- Jukebox mode will return and features 100s of tracks from TEKKEN 1 through TEKKEN 7.

Below is the video archive of Bandai Namco's TEKKEN Talk livestream at the Tokyo Game Show 2023. In addition to all the new details, some new TEKKEN 8 gameplay was shown during the presentation. Several alternate costumes for the cast were also unveiled in this new footage.
In other TGS '23 news, Panda was confirmed for TEKKEN 8 with new screenshots and her official character render. However, Panda's gameplay reveal trailer hasn't been released just yet. TEKKEN 8 launches on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 26th, 2024. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more TEKKEN 8 news.
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