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TEKKEN 8 Eddy Gordo Gameplay Trailer & Release Date, TEKKEN Fight Pass Announced, Patch Notes


During today's TEKKEN Talk stream, Michael Murray, Katsuhiro Harada and Kohei Ikeda informed TEKKEN 8 players about the latest updates coming to Bandai Namco's hit 3D fighting game (already selling over 2 million copies to date). The developers noted that T8 is selling much faster than TEKKEN 7, which moved a record-breaking 10 million copies worldiwde. During the stream, Bandai Namco announced Eddy Gordo's release date and dropped his official TEKKEN 8 Gameplay Reveal Trailer. Although a fan-favorite series veteran since T3, Eddy Gordo brings a streamlined and refreshingly new Capoeira style to TEKKEN 8 with all-new stances, transitions, movement options, attacks, and more complete with beautifully fluid and completely new animations from the ground up.

Michael Murray said the development team paid extra close attention to the authenticity of Eddy Gordo's updated animations and new moves, with one of Bandai Namco's own devs being a great help as a Capoeira expert and having a connection with a major Japanese manga based on the Brazilian martial art. Eddy's TEKKEN 8 moveset was designed to have a "more natural and realistic" flow and visual appeal for players and spectators alike.
Early access to Eddy Gordo begins April 1st, 2024 for owners of the Season Pass. General access for everyone else begins April 5th, 2024. Additionally, Bandai Namco revealed some new items coming soon to the TEKKEN Shop, including a legacy costume for Yoshimitsu based on his TTT2 appearance, "Cyber Pack" costume sets for all playable characters, and Eddy Gordo avatar skin.
The developers touched on the ongoing problem of online rage quitters, who will now be put into a "rage quitter purgatory" or potentially permanently banned from playing the game online for continued offenses. Unauthorized activities include intentional disconnections (rage quitting), other forms of cheating / glitching, rank boosting, and inappropriate behavior / customizations / usernames in online modes.
Finally, Bandai Namco also announced a "TEKKEN Fight Pass" for TEKKEN 8 which appears to be similar to the format used by Capcom in Street Fighter 6. The TEKKEN Fight Pass rewards players for completing daily and weekly missions in online matches which unlocks various items for characters and avatars.


Last but not least, Bandai Namco confirmed yet another character balance patch set for release alongside Eddy Gordo. This includes some universal mechanic updates along with specific character move behavior tweaks. Read the full patch notes for TEKKEN 8 version 1.03.01 directly below.


Today's full Tekken Talk stream archive can be viewed on YouTube (link below). The Eddy Gordo gameplay demonstration begins around the 1:15:00 mark.
Once again, early access to Eddy Gordo starts April 1st, 2024 for owners of the Season Pass and general access begins April 4th-5th, 2024.
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