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TEKKEN 7 Sells Over 10 Million Copies Worldwide


TEKKEN series chief producer Katsuhiro Harada announced today that TEKKEN 7 has surpassed 10 million sales worldwide, continuing the title's reign as the best-selling installment of all time. Since the game's arcade arrival in 2015 and console launch later in 2017, TEKKEN 7 was a breakout success at competitive events and continues to hold a large player base online and at live events. Back in June of this year it was announced that TEKKEN 7 had sold 9 million units, so Bandai Namco has moved another million copies just in the span of half a year!

For an arguably "low budget" fighting game originally designed for release at arcades, this is a very impressive and unprecedented number of units sold which Bandai Namco previously confirmed exceeded their original sales expectations by quite a lot. Take a look at the updated celebratory illustration by Takuji Kawano (long time artist of the SoulCalibur / TEKKEN series), below! Eagle-eyed fans will notice the new art includes several additional details that  didn't appear in previous versions of the illustration.

Following the unprecedented success and revitalization of the competitive community, the recently-announced TEKKEN 8 is poised to become another competitive smash hit! Congrats to all of the dedicated TEKKEN 7 players out there for being a part of this game's success over the years (including myself).
On a personal note, I've been consistently playing TEKKEN 7 since its 2017 launch and still play the game weekly. It looks like we may have at least another year or so to enjoy TEKKEN 7 before TEKKEN 8's arrival which still hasn't been given an official release date or release window by Bandai Namco.
You can revisit our previous article (link below), celebrating 9 million copies sold back in June 2022, if you'd like to compare past versions of Kawano's artwork. Stay tuned
on Fighters Generation for upcoming TEKKEN 8 news, future character reveals, and original content coming soon! 
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