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TEKKEN 8 Nina Williams Reveal Trailer, New Gameplay Mechanics Introduction Video


Before the start of the TEKKEN World Tour 2022 TEKKEN 7 Finals on Day 2, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took the stage and began by revealing a comprehensive 35-minute video explanation and demonstration of TEKKEN 8's new mechanics (full video below). Following the new gameplay presentation, the producers had one more surprise up their sleeve.... Nina Williams' TEKKEN 8 reveal trailer! Without further ado, here it is below.

As you can see at the very beginning of Nina's TEKKEN 8 trailer, an updated intro featuring the new Bandai Namco logo with Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama appearing in their TEKKEN 8 outfits was also revealed.
Below is the full 35-minute TEKKEN 8 Gameplay Mechanics Introduction video that aired during the presentation. In addition to revealing Marshall Law's Rage Art along with some new techniques from King and Paul, this video goes in depth on TEKKEN 8's New Rage System, Recovery Gauge, Heat System, and Special Control Style (a new option aimed to help beginners offering "Easy Combos" and simple inputs).
There's a whole lot to unpack in these two brand new TEKKEN 8 videos. Producer Harada also mentioned that "development on TEKKEN 7 is still ongoing," with TEKKEN 7 competition to continue for the upcoming confirmed TEKKEN World Tour 2023.


Additionally, it was announced that a playable local Closed Alpha version of TEKKEN 8 will debut at EVO Japan 2023 (March 31st - April 2nd). Bandai Namco will be holding location tests for TEKKEN 8 in the future at upcoming events like TEKKEN 7 tournaments and official TEKKEN World Tour 2023 events (dates to be announced at a later date).


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