Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

Harada says TEKKEN 8 Will Have Crossplay, Rollback, and a Larger Starting Roster than Street Fighter 6


Over on Twitter, TEKKEN series producer Katsuhiro Harada recently answered some random questions from fans and ended up casually dropping new details on TEKKEN 8's development. When asked if TEKKEN 8 will feature crossplay between platforms, Harada replied "of course" and brought up how he previously advocated for crossplay for TEKKEN during the previous generation of consoles. When asked how many launch characters fans can expect in TEKKEN 8, Harada replied "I think it's a lot more than Capcom-san" in reference to Street Fighter 6's starting roster of 18 characters.

In another tweet, Harada hinted that a TEKKEN 8 online beta is already in the plans. "We are still only doing closed alpha testing at each event, so please wait for the beta," said Harada in the tweet below.
Rollback netcode is another common topic that comes up regularly when discussing upcoming fighting games. On that front, Harada also comically informed a fan that rollback netcode is "already installed" in TEKKEN 8. After all, rollback netcode is already implemented in TEKKEN 7.
While Harada-san didn't elaborate any further on these upcoming features, we at least now have official confirmation from the producer himself that crossplay, rollback netcode, and an online beta are being planned or are already in the works for TEKKEN 8. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more TEKKEN 8 news.
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