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TEKKEN 8 Closed Alpha First Impressions Video Roundup, All Rage Arts, Character Intros


Before its upcoming appearance at EVO Japan 2023 this weekend, the first playable build of TEKKEN 8 debuted at an exclusive Bandai Namco event over in France, with some lucky members of the fighting game community getting their hands on the closed alpha. Here's a roundup of first impressions and fresh gameplay footage from a variety of well-known TEKKEN players on YouTube, including renowned Kazuya Mishima expert TheMainManSwe who offers his first impressions after playing the closed alpha. Main Man also goes in depth on some of the changes and new moves for several returning characters in TEKKEN 8.


Maximilian Dood also shared some of his early TEKKEN 8 impressions after spending several hours with the game. Below, also check out two videos from Spag featuring a TEKKEN 8 overview as well as a montage of all new character intros & victory animations, Rage Arts, and Special Intros thus far.
Today, Bandai Namco also announced a new video series called TEKKEN Talk — the first episode being hosted by Sumichu and featuring guests Michael Murray, Maximilian Dood, and Rip. In the 33-minute video (below), Murray, Max, Rip, and Sumichu discuss their first impressions of TEKKEN 8.
Yesterday, Bandai Namco confirmed the next two location tests for the TEKKEN 8 Closed Alpha — which will be playable at The Mixup in Lyon, France (April 22-23), as well as at Combo Breaker 2023 (May 26-28) in Chicago, Illinois. Below is the official tweet from Bandai Namco Esports announcing the upcoming dates.
The same closed alpha build of TEKKEN 8 seen in the video footage above will also be playable at this weekend's EVO Japan 2023 (taking place March 31 — April 2). That said, be sure to stay tuned this weekend for even more details, new gameplay footage, and potential upcoming announcements.
Last but not least, enjoy 40 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay in a video compilation (above) by us featuring full matches with in-game audio (no commentary). Several of these matches make a point to demonstrate TEKKEN 8's "Special Style" controls, offering a simpler control scheme for beginners which provides assistance in combos, auto-combos, easier Heat system attacks, etc. While this control option seems like a great tool for beginners, it also greatly limits the number of attacks a character can perform from their movelist.
In related news, the article link below contains the most recent TEKKEN 8 character trailer for Ling Xiaoyu in addition to IGN's first impressions video as well as an interview with Harada and Michael Murray. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates and more TEKKEN 8 news during EVO Japan 2023 weekend.
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