Saturday, November 7th, 2020 

TEKKEN 7 Season 4 Launch Trailer, New Kunimitsu Costumes


Bandai Namco officially confirmed TEKKEN 7 Season 4's release date as November 10th, 2020, the day Kunimitsu and the Vermillion Gates stage become available. The patch update adding online improvements (rollback enhancement, rank overhaul) will be released a day earlier on November 9th, confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter. Additionally, Bandai Namco dropped a new Season 4 release date / launch trailer (below) showing 2 new costumes for Kunimitsu (in addition to her classic TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 look). The trailer conveniently runs through Season 4's incoming enhancements and previews some of the new moves coming to veteran characters!


As we reported earlier this week, PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary themed customization items will be added in Season 4 (free for all players). In addition, TEKKEN 7's Arena stage will also feature a PAC-MAN theme for a limited time.

 TEKKEN 7 Season 4 Details:
  • Kunimitsu joins TEKKEN 7 on November 10th, 2020. She is the daughter of the original Kunimitsu who appears in previous games.
  • Kunimitsu will have her classic TTT2 costume and 2 brand new costumes available.
  • TEKKEN 7 Kunimitsu will play "very differently" from her TTT2 / Revolution versions. Her moveset is said to feature unique elements that most TEKKEN characters do not have.
  • The Season 4 update (Nov. 9th) adds "Response Improvement" / Rollback Netcode Enhancements. Players in the U.S. who have tested the S4 update (including Anakin & Markman) used the word "amazing" to describe the online improvements. East Coast to West Coast connections in the U.S. (and with players in other countries) are said to be smoother when updated to Season 4's netcode.
  • The Health Bar will be increased for all characters to extend the length of matches and wall damage will be toned down.
  • A new top rank Tekken God Omega will be added. All players' current ranks will be also lowered by 1 level when the S4 update is live.
  • Tekken Prowess is a new stat appearing on player profiles. Players who use a large variety of characters (and increase each character's rank online) will have a higher "power level" displayed. Using high-level techniques such as just frames and sidesteps will also add to their total score.

*Friendly reminder to back-up your Replay Saves before the S4 update!

Microsoft Store Description

The fourth season pass for TEKKEN 7, featuring a collection of different downloadable content bundled together at a discounted price! 

Includes the following:

DLC16: Playable character Kunimitsu! 
DLC17: New stage Vermilion Gates! 
*To use the above content, you must update the game to version 4.00 or later. 

DLC18 and Beyond - 1 new playable character - 1 new stage *Above content will be available at a later date. Details will be revealed on the official website as they become available.

Season Pass 4 Bonus: PAC-MAN-Themed Customization Set - Character Customization Set (includes 1 Cuddly Pac-Man, 4 Cuddly Ghosts, and 1 t-shirt) - Player Customization Item Set (includes 2 panels, 2 health bars, and 2 plates) *Some character customization items cannot be used by certain characters.

              Stay tuned on Fighters Gen for TEKKEN 7 Season 4 news and content! 

 Sources:  Bandai Namco Entertainment America@Harada_TEKKEN

Season 4 of TEKKEN 7 is Live, 4.00 Patch Notes

Bandai Namco has officially launched Season 4 of TEKKEN 7. The version 4.00 update data is now downloadable on Steam, PS4 & XB1. New moves are available for all characters and adjustments were made to the game balance. Tekken Prowess, online improvements with rollback netcode enhancements, and Tekken God Omega rank is now live. Here are the full patch notes!
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