Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Soul Calibur 6 Season 2 New Character Silhouette


SoulCalibur VI players have been patiently waiting for the next Season 2 character to arrive. On Twitter, Bandai Namco posted a mysterious silhouette that hints at the identity of the final SoulCalibur VI Season 2 character. At a glance, the silhouette seems to resemble SoulCalibur 4 final boss, Algol. However, as past silhouettes have proven... looks can be deceiving. Many fans are expecting the return of Hwang, whose name was found in the game files many months ago. Below, take a look at the silhouette teaser posted by Bandai Namco on Twitter.

Speaking of Hwang, Korean Twitter user and SoulCalibur fan Lenival_N posted a cool mock-up artwork showing how this silhouette could actually be Hwang. And it's actually pretty convincing... Nice art!

Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for SoulCalibur Season 2 news!


 Sources:  SoulCalibur (Twitter)@Lenivel_N   

SoulCalibur VI Nightmare Concept Artwork

Today on Twitter, Bandai Namco posted new SoulCalibur VI concept artwork of series antagonist, Nightmare. In addition to the high quality artwork, Bandai Namco also shared some of the inspirations behind Nightmare's SC6 design. "Siegfried became the host of Soul Edge and had his body eroded..."
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