POSTED:  Saturday, September 26th, 2020                     (9/28/2020)

Kunimitsu TEKKEN 7 Season 4 Trailer, New Details


Kunimitsu is the first new character joining Season 4 of TEKKEN 7 later this year. In addition to the return of the veteran kunoichi, a beautiful new stage set in Japan called "Vermilion Gates" will be added alongside Kunimitsu in Fall 2020. Yet another new (unrevealed) Season 4 character and stage will be added in Q2 2021. Additionally, Season 4 will bring a variety of new (free) features, including: Updated UI, Improved Online Experience (Wi-Fi Indicator + Response Improvement / Rollback Netcode Enhancements), Renewed Rank System (New top rank added / rank reset -1), Tekken Prowess Feature, and new moves for every character. Stay tuned for more details and content. *Kunimitsu's official reveal trailer has been added below!



 New Season 4 Details:
  • Kunimitsu will be added in Fall / Q4 2020. She is the daughter of the original Kunimitsu who appears in all previous TEKKEN games.
  • TEKKEN 7 Kunimitsu will play "very differently" from her TTT2 / Revolution versions and her moveset will feature new and unique elements that "normal" TEKKEN characters do not have.
  • Like other returning characters, Kunimitsu will also have her classic costume available in customization.
  • The Season 4 update will add "Response Improvement" / Rollback Netcode Enhancements. Players in the U.S. who have already tested the S4 update (including Anakin & Markman) have used the word "amazing" to describe the online improvements. East Coast to West Coast connections in the U.S. (and with players in other countries) are said to be smoother when switched to the Season 4 update.
  • The Health Bar will be increased for all characters to extend the length of matches and wall damage will be toned down.
  • A new top rank "Tekken God Omega" will be added and all players' ranks will be lowered by 1 level when the S4 update arrives (no official date yet).
  • "Tekken Prowess" is a new stat appearing on player profiles. Players who use a large variety of characters (and increase each character's rank online) will have a higher "power level" displayed. Using high-level techniques such as just frames and sidesteps will also add to their total score.



Additionally, during the reveal stream Harada-san announced TEKKEN 7 has achieved over 6 million sales worldwide (marking over 50 million total for the entire series) and released a brand new celebratory illustration drawn by Takuji Kawano (below)! It seems the TEKKEN gang also have to use Zoom these days...

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Sources:  Tekken (Twitch Stream Archive)@Harada_TEKKEN
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