Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 

UFC Fighter Joaquin Buckley Pulls Off Incredible K.O. Kick, Reminiscent of TEKKEN's Lee Chaolan


"That move wouldn't work in real life." ... "That kick isn't humanly possible." (Someone tell that guy to shut it.) Over the weekend at UFC Fight Island 5, middleweight Joaquin Buckley delivered one of the most impressive knockouts in MMA history. In the second round of what had been a mostly even contest, opponent Impa Kasanganay caught Buckley's roundhouse kick to the body. Thinking quickly on his feet, Buckley answered with a spinning kick to the head while balancing on his other leg... Lee Chaolan style. If Mr. Chaolan himself was watching from his VIP room, he'd have only one word to describe Buckley's highlight reel knockout... EXCELLENT!  Any Lee main worth his salt will immediately recognize this kick technique from Lee's moveset which Buckley perfected to a T. This K.O. clip (which has now gone viral) compares Buckley's kick side by side with Chaolan's from TEKKEN 7, and even got the attention of the official TEKKEN Twitter.

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 Source:  Tekken (Twitter)

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