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Fighting EX Layer Developer Teases 3D Mode with Latest Terry Bogard vs. Allen Snider Gameplay


Several years ago, the title that became Fighting EX Layer was originally unveiled as an April Fools joke. Believe it or not, the first Fighting EX Layer gameplay trailer that surfaced even portrayed the title as a 3D fighting game complete with a universal sidestep technique. Although the mechanics in the final game were based on 2D elements, the earliest 3D build of the game allowed players to sidestep incoming projectiles and possibly even certain linear / vertical attacks similar to 3D fighting games like TEKKEN 7. In new teaser videos released over the past few days, Arika uploaded gameplay footage of guest character Terry Bogard versus veteran karate guy Allen Snider, demonstrating an updated FEXL game engine with a universal 3D sidestep technique, among other possibly new "WIP" mechanics, in action.

Besides the 3D sidestep, other mechanics demonstrated in the video include an "Air Escape" technique that can be used to escape combos in either direction and possibly set up a quick counter attack, as well as a new canceling system enabling players to apply pressure and add attacks after certain moves, it seems.
Speaking of TEKKEN, its already been reported that Arika is now working with Bandai Namco on
TEKKEN 8 , primarily focusing on the game's future netcode and online modes. (See the related article link directly below for more on that.)
Similarly to Arika's unorthodox unveiling of the game that led up to its original 2018 release on PS4 arriving later in arcades, on Steam, and for Nintendo Switch as Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash we have no way of knowing Arika's context behind their latest random gameplay teaser. With EVO Japan '23 taking place next week (March 31st April 2nd), there's definitely a chance that Arika might have something more to show or announce very soon. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates!
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