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Street Fighter VR Announcement & Teaser Video


Capcom Japan announced and posted a teaser video of an upcoming Street Fighter V-themed Virtual Reality game Street Fighter VR. While details are scarce at the moment, Street Fighter VR's official logo and teaser gameplay video appeared on Capcom's official site. So far, Capcom hasn't confirmed if Street Fighter VR will appear on home VR platforms like Oculus / PSVR, or if the game will even become available worldwide. What we do know is that the VR title will appear at select locations in Japan such as Plaza Capcom Hiroshima store, with Capcom staff present, in the "VR-X" corner of the store. On April 4th, 2023, Street Fighter VR will be playable at MIRAINO Aeon Mall Toyokawa store.

Confirmed details: Street Fighter VR is a single-player experience and is being developed by Grounding Inc. The game uses assets from Street Fighter V such as character models and stages. The teaser video confirms Ryu, Zangief, Akuma & M. Bison as some of the characters that players can fight against in first-person. While Street Fighter characters will perform their iconic special attacks at players, the player can also use special moves (like hadoukens) as well as punches at specific times. Characters will also take players for a ride by performing their throw techniques on them.

at Plaza Capcom Hiroshima store and MIRAINO Aeon Mall Toyokawa store can play Street Fighter VR a single time for 1,200 yen. A single play session is said to be approximately 25 minutes long.

Similar to Ultra Street Fighter II's first-person "The Way of Hado" mode, Street Fighter VR suggests that players may also face off against Shadaloo soldiers resembling their SFV's story mode appearance. Street Fighter VR's theme and title has a focus on Shadaloo with the game's full title translating to "Street Fighter VR Shadaloo Enhancement Plan". Until we get further details in, check out some screens below.

You can visit Capcom's official site for Street Fighter VR to watch the first teaser trailer. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates and continued coverage.
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