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A Chinese assassin and the half-brother of Xiao Lon. He's a member of the assassin group, the Flying Brigands (also known as the Hizoku). As the son of the clan's leader, he is known as a "prince" and is the eldest of Ron's sons. Like his brothers, he left the village in his youth to train and perfect his art. Even though he is a trained assassin, his youth makes him relatively easy-going.

After Ron betrayed the clan, Duo Lon's reputation with the remaining members declined as he was labeled "that traitor's son". Hoping to hunt down the clan's traitor, he took on several jobs as an assassin. On the way, Ash Crimson mysteriously appears before him and makes his acquaintance. Through Ash, Duo Lon met Shen Woo. Duo Lon liked their company at the time, and eventually agreed to enter the 2003 tournament with them but he disappeared when he senses Ron's presence. After he discovered Ash's true objectives, he joined Elisabeth and Benimaru to go after Ash.

Although he is still dedicated to his mission to hunt down Ron, he respectfully parts ways with Benimaru. He soon reunites with Shen Woo to try to discover anything about Ash's whereabouts. He soon remembers that Elisabeth had some connection with Ash and they set off to find her. In their team's ending, both he and Shen Woo respectively give Elisabeth time to mourn over Ash's apparent "death".
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The King of Fighters 2003


The King of Fighters XII, The King of Fighters XII, The King of Fighters XIII, The King of Fighters XV, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Aug. 31st, 2023

Duo Lon is a very sharp character design, both in terms of looks and fighting style. He's got some awesome moves & abilities, especially once his design was more fleshed out in KOF XII & XIII. His new animations are simply badass and he fits into KOF exceptionally well. 

The only thing I don't understand about his design is why his foot is all weirdly twisted during his fighting stance... it looked painfully in broken in KOF 2003 & XI. lol. However, his new sprite in XII makes it look a lot better. Heh. 

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