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Elisabeth Blanctorche
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Elisabeth is the last known remaining Blanctorche, a French family who use the strange combat style called Shining Fists and supposedly protect the innocent. Ash Crimson was a childhood friend of hers, as they were raised in the same mansion together. Elisabeth used to be his older sister figure, until a mysterious fire burned down the mansion and many of her clan members were killed. As the last Blanctorche, she lives near the remains of her family's home with her butler, Jacques.

She invited Benimaru Nikaido and Duo Lon to France to reveal that she knows of the betrayal of Ron and the burning of the Hizoku village. They inform her of Ash's theft of Chizuru's mirror and she decides to join them. With the trio banded with the interest to take down Ash, they form the Rival Team and she eventually scolds Ash for seeming to forsake their mission. Though surprised by the youth's new powers, she swears to stop him in her team's ending.

Before meeting with Duo Lon and Shen Woo, she revisits the burned down mansion where she and Ash spent their childhood with a handful of photographs from the area in her hand. During her meeting with her guests, she becomes aware of their intents to join the King of Fighters tournament with her and Ash's location in Paris. Although she just missed him, Elisabeth knows that he was there and fortifies her will to stop him. She reunites with Ash in the final act of the tournament only moments after Ash erases Saiki from existence. She yells her protest to his selfish decision, stating that she wanted to bring Ash back home with her. When he disappears with his apologies, Elisabeth mourns over the only memento he left behind: his headband.
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The King of Fighters XI


The King of Fighters XII, The King of Fighters XIII, The King of Fighters XV, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Jan. 19th, 2022

When KOF XI was first announced, I was instantly interested in Elizabeth. Her 2D sprite looked cool and she seemed like a "different" kind of KOF character fighting with a unique weapon for the series. Her weapon of choice (riding crop) and KOF XI moveset offers a nice change of pace from the typical fireball spammers and SNK karate dudes. Her classy 'equestrian' look helped her debut with a strong start as a "new age" SNK female... (but her later KOF appearances were actually less impactful, IMO.)

I liked her KOF XI outfit and color scheme. I was disappointed that her design changed so drastically in KOF12 / K13. She was definitely an obscure (and kinda weak) pick for a DLC character in KOF12... for one. Sadly she didn't even use her riding crop (weapon) in KOF 12 / 13. That was kind of an prominent and distinctive part of her design, right? >_> Odd choice for SNK to remove it. Also, her KOF 12 / 13  appearance / moveset struck me as sleepy and slightly boring. Can someone tell me how "raising your arm" is an attack? Looks weird and weak. Is she in a classroom or is she fighting? Besides the fact that one of her most prominent moves is a very generic motion, she has some other cool animations. Her 2D sprite is much better than her 3D incarnation, IMO.

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