Xiao Lon
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She is a member of the Flying Brigands assassination group and one of the known daughters to the group's leader, Ron and half-sister of Duo Lon. Her appearance in the expansion has been noted as the developers' way of loosely linking the Maximum Impact series with its 2D predecessor. It's rumored that she was trained by Lin.


King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A



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Page Updated:  Sept. 12th, 2014

As the successor to Duo Lon in the Maximum Impact series...  Xiao Lon is a naturally cool (yet very under-appreciated) KOF character. Her attire is badass, and her extra extra long sleeves are a cool part of her clothing design. On that note, it's always refreshing to see a cool female video game character that doesn't rely on "uber-sexualization" to sell the character. Xiao Lon is a classy lady, and I can always respect that. ;) 

I think her fighting stance looks a bit silly, but her moveset and overall fighting style has many cool attributes... she's got some crazy moves & combos, and overall, Xiao Lon is a solid addition to the Maximum Impact roster. Too bad she hasn't appeared in more games! (But at least she got a card in KOF X Garou).

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