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(July 8th, 2022)

TFG's 20th Anniversary, 2022 Banner Contest


This year, officially turns 20. Hi guys, TFG Webmaster here... For over 2 decades, I've put incalculable time and effort into this website to make it a special place for fighting game fans. While TFG has been in operation since the late 90's (under a different web address), the actual domain ( officially went live in March of 2002. To celebrate the milestone, I'm announcing the TFBanneContes2022 to kick off the site's 20th anniversary year! In case you didn't know, most of the banners on TFG were created by fans of the website. If you're a returning competitor, welcome back! The 1st place winner of the TFG 20th anniversary banner contest will score $220.00 USD, fighting game merch, and a custom character sketch by JET3000. Winners have been announced! Contest guidelines and details are below:


1.  Recommended banner size is around 720 x 326 pixels. Slightly larger or smaller and different shapes & sizes are acceptable. (PNG file type recommended.) Use of official fighting game artwork for banners is highly recommended. Original art created by yourself can also be featured in your banner entry. However, please do not use other artists' fan art without permission. Banners can have transparent elements.

  For this year's contest, please include "20th Anniversary" somewhere in your banner to celebrate the occasion! Your banner should include the text: "The Fighters Generation" or "TFG" and can also be created specifically for any of the website's sections such as "News, Characters, Games, Features, Timeline, Funnies, etc." Additional creative text elements can also be added to your banner (example below). Feel free to include the web address on any banner: "". And please be sure to double check your spelling!

Animated banners are also acceptable as entries into the contest. Just keep the animations relatively short & sweet to keep the file size small.

.  PRIZESThe 3 winners of the contest will be decided by TFG's Webmaster and team. Since we're celebrating TFG's 20th in 2022, the 1st place winner will bring home $220.00 USD + bonus swag—including fighting game merch catered to your favorite series and a commission character sketch by old school TFG Featured Artist "JET3000" (your choice of a fighting game character)! 2nd and 3rd place banners will also win cash prizes... and then some! *Winners must provide mailing address to receive physical prizes.
TFG Banner Contest 2022 Prizes!
  • $220.00 USD

  • Custom TFG Loot Box with fighting game merch.

  • Custom Character Sketch by JET3000 (Your choice!)

  • CEO 2012 Character Art Poster by JET3000 (signed)

  • $50.00 USD

  • Custom TFG Loot Box with fighting game merch.

  • CEO 2012 Character Art Poster by JET3000 (signed)

  • $25.00 USD

  • Custom TFG Loot Box with fighting game merch.

  • CEO 2012 Character Art Poster by JET3000 (signed)

There's NO limit to how many banners you can enter. Increase your chances of winning and create as many TFG banner designs and/or variations as you would like.

Please send all banner entries HERE along with your name / alias and hometown / state / country. You can also send your banner entry to @Fighters_Gen on Twitter (via direct message). You will receive a confirmation message after you submit your entry (if you did not receive the confirmation, please resend). Now here's a quick look back at some awesome TFG 10th Anniversary banners for inspiration!


6.  TFG's Banner Contest 2022 deadline is June 30th (final entries will be accepted until 11:59pm PT). Winners have been announced! Below, take a look at some excellent TFG 20th banners entered into the 2022 contest!











    GOOD LUCK  to everyone who enters TFG's 20th Anniversary Banner Contest and thank you for being part of the website's history on this very special occasion. In addition to the long-awaited return of the banner contest, I have some other exciting content and updates planned to mark the milestone this year. (If only I can find time to take a break from managing the website and writing news articles to create some new video content more often... I will try.) Please stay tuned and thanks for reading. Doriya!
~TFG Webmaster / Founder, Frank Joseph | @Fighters_Gen


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