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TEKKEN Talk - Episode 2


Bandai Namco has posted Episode 2 of their TEKKEN Talk video series, which recaps the purpose of the Closed Alpha Tests (CAT) held at recent live events, and later dives into the upcoming TEKKEN 8 Closed Network Test (CNT) taking place later this month. This time, producer Michael Murray and director Katsuhiro Harada are joined by BNEA Senior Manager of Esports, Kasumi Yogi, and EVO Director Mark "Markman" Julio. The 30-minute video interview covers a variety of topics regarding TEKKEN 8's ongoing development, including player feedback from recent events and the latest changes made to the Heat System that players will experience in the upcoming CNT.

As reported last month, Bandai Namco announced the
TEKKEN 8 Closed Network Test begins July 21st, 2023 (tomorrow). PS5 participants will get early access from July 21st - July 24th, while participants on Steam and Xbox Series X|S can join in July 28th - July 31st. The official trailer for the TEKKEN 8 CNT (below) confirmed Claudio Serafino as the 16th playable character of TEKKEN 8 (who will also be playable in the upcoming CNT).

Registration to participate in the TEKKEN 8 Closed Network Test was live on the official site but has now closed. The TEKKEN 8 CNT will feature 16 playable characters and 5 stages. Participants can compete in Ranked Matches with Cross-Platform Matchmaking (with records not carrying over to the final version of the game, of course). Additional details are available on the official site.

In related news, Bandai Namco also dropped Claudio Serafino's gameplay reveal trailer today (July 20th). Bandai Namco has also released character movelists for all 16 characters of the Closed Network Test.
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