Monday, September 20th, 2021

Ken Masters is Getting a Power Stone Falcon Costume in SFV: Champion Edition


Today, Capcom announced a third crossover costume coming in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition's September 21st update. The Power Stone series may not have gotten a new installment since the year 2000 (21 years ago), but that doesn't mean Capcom has completely forgotten about the series (thankfully). On Sept. 21st, Ken Masters will be able to dress as Falcon / Fokker from his original appearance in Capcom's free-for-all 3D fighting game, Power Stone. In true Power Stone fashion, Falcon will be able to transform into his powered up version in SFV. Watch Capcom's trailer for the new DLC content, below.




Ken's Falcon costume will become available on September 21st and is included with the CPT 2021 Premier Pass. The costume will cost $5.99 as DLC individually.

In related news, today Capcom posted new HD screenshots of Rose's Ruby Heart costume and Akuma's Cyber Akuma costume, also arriving on Sept. 21st. Click the related article link below to see the new HD screens.
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