Edward Falcon

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Hailing from the Town of London, noble Edward Falcon circles the world in his beloved "Hockenheim" Airplane, searching for the Power Stones revealed in an ancient artifact passed through his family. Always a gentleman with a Strong sense of Justice, he has trained in boxing and vanquishes evil with sharp moves and explosive punches. Pride is his father. Falcon is known as "Fokker" in the Japanese version.
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Power Stone



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Power Stone 2, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2



Page Updated:  June 26th, 2024

Falcon is a fairly decent hero for the Power Stone series. He's a somewhat simple design, which is pretty much expected out of a fighting game protagonist. Some would say that he lacks a certain "coolness" while in his default attire... but he definitely looks like a Capcom character, which in turn makes him cool by default. ;) And to state the obvious, Falcon definitely becomes a lot cooler when he transforms into his "powered-up" mecha version. He's got a fairly straight-forward moveset and has some pretty cool super moves.

On a side note: I've always liked his Japanese name. That mutha fokker. lol. On a second side note: Falcon's brother Alfred Airhawk says hey.

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