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M. Bison Street Fighter 6 Reveal Trailer, Release Date, Concept Art, Screenshots, First Gameplay Details


Following yesterday's announcement of 4 new characters joining Street Fighter 6 in year 2, Capcom officially released M. Bison's gameplay reveal trailer early on Saturday. The new trailer provides a glimpse into Bison's SF6 moveset rich with updated versions of his iconic special moves along with some surprise references! For one, several of M. Bison's SF6 techniques take direct inspiration from his Street Fighter EX moveset. M. Bison will join the Street Fighter 6 roster on June 26, 2024. Below, watch M. Bison's official SF6 Gameplay Reveal Trailer, check out his Concept Artwork + Screenshots, and read up on his first Gameplay Details.

Keen-eyed Street Fighter fans will also pick up on the epic throwback to this promotional artwork (below) of Raul Julia as M. Bison from Street Fighter: The Movie on horseback. You can conveniently compare the artwork with M. Bison's SF6 victory animation in our provided tweet, below!

M .Bison Street Fighter 6 Storyline:

"From riches to rags, the fallen dictator gallops across the land on his stallion searching for an identity to make him smile. After seemingly being defeated by Ryu in SFV, a mysterious man emerges from the back alleys of Metro City with nothing but an unquenchable thirst for power. Even with no memories to recall, he stumbles upon the Ruined Lab with one name echoing in its desolate halls: Bison."


Gameplay Details:

As a series staple, M. Bison players should feel at home with his moveset, now with both charge and motion inputs. M. Bison's pressure game and Psycho Power can still be applied using his iconic techniques such as Psycho Crusher and Double Knee Press.

"Shadow Rise" is a quick high-reaching jump that has two follow-ups. This move has several follow-ups, including his iconic Head Press, Somersault Skull Diver, and Devil Reverse a technique that chops at an opponent from above. The trajectory options to all of these follow-ups can be altered to keep opponents guessing.

A shift in Bison's powers have unlocked the ability to plant Psycho Mines in his opponents with a new move called Backfist Combo. Once attached, these mines will detonate on their own after a short time if he hits his opponent again with another Backfist Combo, Psycho Crusher, or Devil Reverse. M. Bison can detonate Psycho Mines to make certain moves safe on block or give him the advantage (in addition to extra damage and potential follow-ups).

Level 1 Super Art Knee Press Nightmare
Level 2 Super Art
Psycho Punisher
Level 3 Super Art
Unlimited Psycho Crusher

Below is a snapshot of M. Bison's new design from the animated trailer alongside his Street Fighter 6 Concept Art and official screenshots released today.










As you can see in one of the screenshots above, M. Bison's classic outfit will also be available upon his release. M. Bison joins Street Fighter 6 on June 26, 2024. After M. Bison's release, he will be accompanied by
Terry Bogard in Autumn 2024, Mai Shiranui in Winter 2025, and Elena in Spring 2025.
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