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KOF XV Najd Reveal Trailer


Najd, who originally debuted in KOF14 as DLC, is set to return once again as DLC in The King of Fighters XV this Summer. SNK has released Najd's full gameplay reveal trailer which runs just over 2 minutes in length. In addition to showing Najd in gameplay and in some Story mode scenes with other characters, the trailer also reveals an upcoming new stage which is based on a real location in Saudi Arabia. Without further ado, check out Najd's full gameplay reveal trailer from SNK, below. [UPDATE] Also check out Najd's Character Breakdown video in our new article.


Besides the "Summer 2023" release window, SNK has not yet announced a final release date for Najd. Najd is the fourth paid DLC character of KOF XV's Season 2. Below, take
another look at the most recent King of Fighters XV Season 2 roadmap. Two more characters will join the roster in Autumn and Winter.

To recap some recent KOF XV news... last month, SNK released Goenitz as free DLC and updated KOF XV with Crossplay, uniting the player bases on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more SNK news.

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