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KOF Guilty Gear Crossover Begins Nov. 23rd


The first ever "King of Fighters x Guilty Gear" collaboration was officially announced for mobile title The King of Fighters: '98 UM Online back in September of 2020. Today, Netmarble announced a similar crossover event for The King of Fighters: All-Star, which begins worldwide on November 23rd, 2021 and features 6 playable characters from Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 along with a special story mode, collaboration cards, new crossover dungeon, login bonuses, and free playable fighter Sol-Badguy. Additional (unlockable) playable characters include: Baiken, Dizzy, I-No, May, and Ramlethal. (Yes, it appears Sol is vastly outnumbered by women in this collab.) Scroll down to check out the official trailer, character art and promotional images!






[UPDATE] The official gameplay trailers have been released! Netmarble mentioned they will reveal additional details about the crossover on Nov. 23rd. You can also check out Netmarble's official site for character profiles and more info. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more news on King of Fighters: All-Star.
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