During the Crusades, the nation of Japan was destroyed by the Gears. Following this, those of Japanese descent who still lived were declared cultural treasures and placed in special colonies. When Baiken was a child, the Gears attacked the Japanese Institute she was living in at the time. During the invasion, she witnessed the bloody death of her parents and other people, her right arm was severed and her left eye gouged out. Amidst the flames, she could only see the silhouette of That Man, and swore revenge on him (and presumably the Gears as well) for what they had done. She trained herself in the use of the katana, and dedicated herself to hunting That Man down. 

Baiken was a hidden boss and secret character in the first Guilty Gear. Presumably, she entered the tournament seeking revenge on the Gears, specifically Justice. In Guilty Gear X, Baiken is still seeking her revenge, hunting down "monsters," including Gears such as Sol Badguy and others she considers to be demons, including Potemkin and Faust. Her first ending has her nearly killing Testament and Dizzy, but then letting them go; her stated reason being that she can't find That Man. Her other ending has her accompanying Johnny for a drink.

Baiken's design was heavily inspired by Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin. Character designer Daisuke Ishiwatari stated that he got the idea when he saw a picture of Kenshin and mistook him for a woman. The name "Baiken" is likely named after Baiken Shishido, an Edo period samurai.
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Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear X Advance, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Guilty Gear XX Slash, Guilty Gear Judgment, Guilty Gear: Isuka, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, Samurai Shodown (2019)


Page Updated:  Jan. 28th, 2022

Every great weapon-based fighting game needs a proper samurai. In my opinion, it helps if said samurai character has a "serious" vibe about them and actually behaves and fights like a samurai. In Baiken's case, she fits the role nicely. Her earliest design was cool and to-the-point, but she was fleshed out beautifully in the sequels. It's also sad cool that Baiken is missing an arm... but she clearly has no trouble making sashimi of her opponents!

I think Baiken's visual appearance is awesome. Baiken is badass. Her moveset and overall fighting style has its weird moments, but is also very original. In my opinion, her bright-ass pink hair was always a bit much... and gives her a more "anime" appeal. Interestingly, her hair color evolved into more of a "melon" color, which suits her better IMO. Worth mentioning, Baiken has tons of awesome color variations in the games. ;) I'd go as far as to say Baiken is one of the coolest and most likeable Guilty Gear characters. Her Xrd and STRIVE incarnations were superb advancements to her design. I'm not sure what, but something about her newer designs seems "bigger". lol. >_> Last but not least, Baiken also made a perfect Samurai Shodown guest character. Dreams do come true!

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