Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 

New TFG Affiliate: HIROAKI Official Blog, 2020 Buriki One Character Art


TFG Webmaster here... The Fighters Generation is proud to announce a new TFG affiliate: HIROAKI Blog! Old school SNK fans will immediately recognize the stunning and vibrant artwork of professional Japanese illustrator, Hiroaki Hashimoto, who joined SNK in 1998. HIROAKI was the lead artist of KOF '99, giving the series a vibrant and distinctive new art style. HIROAKI most recently created official character art for games such as SoulCalibur VI and Deadly Premonition 2. As the lead artist of SNK's 1999 fighting game, Buriki One, this year, HIROAKI has drawn and posted new artwork for each character (on their birthday) to celebrate the game's recent 20th anniversary. HIROAKI's most recent artwork from this series is of Ryo Sakazaki / Mr. Karate, posted just a few days ago on August 2nd, 2020. Below, take a look at HIROAKI's stunning Buriki One character illustrations drawn this year!


Earlier this year, I opened up a personal dialogue with HIROAKI on Twitter (after being humbled that he followed me back). I was ecstatic to learn that Hashimoto-san has been using The Fighters Generation website as an "artistic reference" for a very long time... "since the beginning" according to him. He told me that TFG helped him find materials when designing character artwork for Street Fighter and SoulCalibur.

I was incredibly honored to learn this fact, especially
because one of the site's original purposes, upon its creation in the early 2000's, was to be a dependable reference for artists. Long story short: HIROAKI Blog and TFG are now proud affiliates!

Be sure to sure to follow HIROAKI on Twitter: @Super_Hiroaki as he frequently posts new illustrations. There are 4 characters remaining in HIROAKI's 20th Anniversary Buriki One series, so stay tuned!

HIROAKI is also featured in TFG's Artist Profiles - where you can learn more about this amazing artist and see more of his iconic works throughout the years.

~Frank Joseph | TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen


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