Thursday, August 26th, 2021 

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Jack-O' Starter Guide, 1.09 Patch Notes


Arc System Works posted a starter guide video for the newest addition to Guilty Gear STRIVE's roster, Jack-O' Valentine, who joins the game tomorrow (August 27th) for Season Pass holders. The 4-minute video guide runs through Jack-O's moveset, explaining her unique "Summon Servant" mechanics and other special techniques. Like past starter guides, the end of the video displays Jack-O's full movelist and provides lots of helpful information on learning the character. You can watch Jack-O's full starter guide video below, and be sure to keep this video link handy if you plan on trying her out in GGST this weekend!

Additionally, Arc System Works posted the full 1.09 patch notes. Hit the link in their official tweet below to open the full patch notes and update details.
You can also take another look at Jack-O's official character artwork, reveal trailer and the latest DLC roadmap inside last week's article.


 Sources:  Arc System Works (YouTube)@ArcSystemWorksU                   

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