Saturday, August 7th, 2021 

Vira Joins Granblue Fantasy Versus in December


During the Granblue Fantasy Summer stream, following updates for Cygames' mobile series, Vira was revealed as the next playable character coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus. Current lord of Albion Citadel, Vira was raised in the fortress city alongside Katalina, whom she considers to be her sister. While not a full gameplay trailer, Vira's reveal on stream (video below) shows her in-game model in addition to her official character artwork. Vira's voice actress, Asami Imai, took part in the stream and noted she recorded "tons" of dialogue for her character. Interestingly, GBVS Season 2 concluded with the addition of Seox. So it's currently unclear if Vira marks the official beginning of a "Season 3" for the game. However, an additional new character is currently scheduled to be revealed following Vira.



Vira joins Granblue Fantasy Versus some time in December 2021. Stay tuned for additional details, artwork and content.


 Source:  GrowTube TV (YouTube)     

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