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Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Trailer


Earlier this year in May, new character Umbrella was revealed for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore. During EVO Online 2021, Hidden Variable and Future Club showed an early gameplay trailer for Umbrella, coming soon to Skullgirls: 2nd Encore via the Season Pass 1. This month, Umbrella and Hungern will be made playable in the early access "Alpha" for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore on Steam. Umbrella's full release is scheduled to go live before the end of 2021. Check out the "Alpha" gameplay trailer for Umbrella below and continue scrolling to see some recent character artwork and animated GIFs for the new character.



    While Umbrella is still very early on in development, we wanted to share some details about where her gameplay direction is heading at the moment. Please note that this is all HEAVILY subject to change after further testing and development, and the terms used to describe her toolkit and states are a work in progress…

    Umbrella is a small character with BIG swings thanks to her living weapon, Hungern. While she is slow with limited movement options, she can use special moves to approach with some risk.

    Most of her attacks will involve Hungern in some way. Hungern will get hungrier as the match goes on or after performing certain actions, and his hunger level will influence his move properties.

    For example, If Hungern is STARVING, normals that use him are slower, but moves that involve devouring the opponent are stronger. If Hungern is OVERSTUFFED, moves that involve him conjuring something from the depths of his stomach may have bonus effects. Hungern is quite RAVENOUS and dangerous when he is hungry but not yet STARVING - expect to be rewarded if you can maintain this narrow window of power! Umbrella players will have to manage Hungern's hunger level or at least adapt to how her moves change based on Hungern’s state.

Beta / Early Access - Q3 2021
Similar to Annie’s Early Access release, this is when Umbrella will be made available with full finished animations and other general gameplay tuning adjustments planned for DLC2. Once we are done with our extensive testing/tuning per player feedback, it’s time for...

Full Release - Q4 2021
Similar to Annie’s Full Release (coming soon!), this will include Umbrella in her final state, along with her full Story Mode! Who knows, we may even have a clue or two regarding the 3rd Season Pass character by then…

Here's another look at the Season Pass 1 roadmap:


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