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Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves Teaser Trailer


Last year at EVO '22, SNK officially announced that they were working on a sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves. One year later at EVO 2023, SNK released the teaser trailer for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves. The first trailer for the upcoming sequel briefly shows returning protagonists Terry Bogard and Rock Howard in a 3D graphics style comparable to KOF15... but with new visual effects and what appears to be a more "cell-shaded" aesthetic. Without further ado, watch the official teaser trailer from SNK (below) and scroll further down to see some additional screenshots of Terry and Rock, along with the game's logo.










[UPDATE] While SNK hasn't revealed any new details about Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves just yet, scroll down to take closer look at the most recent teaser illustrations of protagonists, Rock Howard and Terry Bogard, now in HD quality!


In related news from EVO 2023, SNK also announced Duo Lon as the next DLC character coming to The King of Fighters XV Season 2 as well as confirming the release date for The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match. Jump over to our related articles for more (links below). Thanks for reading! Keep it here on Fighters Generation for continued coverage.

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