Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels

The storyline of Daraku Tenshi takes place in 2010, ten years after a massive earthquake shook an unnamed city. The earthquake severed the city from its surrounding areas, leaving criminals to run as they please. The game revolves around the inhabitants fighting against one another to accomplish their goals.

Daraku Tenshi character select screen.
(Are those your real names... guys?)

Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels is a 2D fighting game developed by indie studio Steel Hearts and published by Psikyo. The game was released in some arcades in an "incomplete" condition. Even so, those who have played the original version (or emulated version) have remarked on the game's "realistic" approach to 2D fighting - with characters having very few supernatural attacks and fluid animations based on human-like motions.

Realistic animation... HIGH LEVEL Ouch Factor!

The original version of game features 8 playable characters: Cool, Harry Ness, Yuiren, Yuiran, Tarō, Torao Onigawara, Ruccio Roche, and Haiji Mibu. The bosses are Trigger and Carlos. Years after the release, unfinished sprites for 4 unplayable characters were discovered in ROMs of the game. (It's been confirmed that the developers will be completing the sprites and animations for these 4 unreleased fighters in the upcoming Complete Edition.)

As long as there's a Karate dude... shoto time!

FUN FACT After the game's failed launch in 1998, key members of studio Psikyo returned to work for SNK. In the year to follow, a character design from Fallen Angels (Cool) would evolve into who we know as K' (or Krizalid), who debuted in The King of Fighters '99 and became a major protagonist of the KOF series.

Cool... the origins of Krizalid and K'.

In 2019, at the 10th anniversary event for Takadanobaba Game Center, Zerodiv announced that the Complete Edition of Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels is currently in development. The enhanced and "complete" version of game is planned to be released first in arcades and later on consoles (TBA). No official release window or consoles have been confirmed thus far.





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Page Updated: April 16th, 2024
Developer(s): Steel Hearts
Publisher(s): Psikyo
Platform(s): Arcade
Designer(s): Kouzou Fujimoto      Producer
Mitsuo Kodama       
Artwork By: Toshiyuki Kotani
Release Date(s): 1998                                  Arcade
TBA 2021                 "Complete Edition"
Characters Cool, Harry Ness, Yuiren, Yuiran, Tarō, Torao Onigawara, Ruccio Roche, Haiji Mibu, Trigger, Carlos.

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First Impression:

Fighting games with "darker" atmosphere are usually always intriguing. I like the unorthodox look of The Fallen Angels. The artistic direction of Daraku Tenshi is captivating and compelling, and I immediately like some of the gothic character designs. I also can appreciate the focus on actual fighting! Yeah, characters who fight with their fists and feet... not spamming projectiles all the time. It's certainly refreshing to see a 2D fighter try something different from the norm, at the very least.

Will the "Complete Edition" ever actually be released? This game has been a mystery to me since the early 2000s, but I always wanted to try it and never had the opportunity. Hopefully, we'll all get to try this one out someday. (And good grief... hopefully it doesn't get canceled... again.)
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